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Booking your equipment

STORE télécabine

The store is located at the foot of the Balme / Vallorcine telecabine,
50 meters from the train station and near the residence.

Our ranges


If you have never or only rarely skied, the Initiation Pack is for you. Get ready to learn how to snow plough and master the green slopes with  comfortable equipment.


For beginner to intermediate skiers, the leisure pack offers you a fun and easy mid range equipment. If you are looking to leisurely enjoy the slopes, this pack allows you to progress at a relaxed pace.


For intermediate to good skiers, the Dynamic Pack offers you top quality high range skis that we have carefully selected. According to your needs, we suggest a dynamic multi-skilled equipment that allows you to enjoy the whole ski area.


For good to advanced, the Premium Pack allows you to ski with the latest top range equipment. For all expert skiers who love both powder and slopes. At great speed, you will enjoy a unique dynamic ski. 

Our services

By pushing the door of our stores, you choose a rental that will meet all your expectations, from the most basic to the most demanding. For more than 3 generations, we support our customers in each of their projects, while maintaining the human dimension that is important to us. In our village, we accompany passionately, each of the skiers and other lovers of the mountain who push our door.


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